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A Few Instructor Bios...

Some instructors have chosen to share their personal stories with you and the reasons God led them to Praize Kraze®.  You may read something that mirrors your own story or resonates in a way that speaks to the desires God has placed in your heart. 

Renee Shandra

Renee Shandra has been leading worship for 32 years. She currently sings in Grace Abounds, has been happily married for 22 years and has 3 beautiful girls.​"I have struggled with my weight and self-esteem ever since I had my 3 children. Trying to balance working fulltime, singing in a band and taking care of my family left little time for my own health. I was diagnosed with Hashimotos Thyroiditis in 1999. After 7 years of hyper and hypoactive thyroid levels, I had radioactive iodine therapy to remove my thyroid. I quickly put on more weight and my energy levels went down. I had knee and foot problems. Because obesity and stroke risks are high in my family, I made a choice to start working towards living a healthy life, no matter how I felt. I want to set a good example for my 3 girls so that they will not ever have the same struggles I have had.


I started Zumba classes and quickly got "addicted".  I found out about Praize Kraze and thought it was just Zumba set to Christian music. Boy was I wrong! I went to my first class and was blown away! It was a physical and spiritual transformation! I longed for more and found out that they were looking to license instructors. I couldn't believe I opened my mouth and said that I would do it! Was I crazy? I had very little dance background and I was just beginning my journey to a healthier life...but I knew the Holy Spirit was prompting me! It was the right decision! My girls immediately said "we will help". Wow, they were going to be a part of this too! I am not perfect, my moves are not perfect, but my heart is there and more importantly GOD SHOWS UP!

Gloria Loyd

I graduated from Vintage Bible College in 2008 and became an ordained minister in 2008. I have been happily married to my high school sweetheart, Robert Loyd, for 25 years and we have 3 children and 3 grandchildren. ​On December 29, 2011, I decided "enough was enough" and chose to do something about my lifestyle and eating habits. At the age of 46, I decided it was never too late to start getting in shape and exercising so I joined a gym, started going to Zumba and hip hop classes, working on the machines and doing whatever I could do to stay in shape 4 days a week. Zumba became fun, energetic and addictive for me and in April of 2012, I became a Zumba instructor.


My goals are to show people my age that no matter how old or what size you are, it is never too late to get into shape. You do not have to be an expert; all you need is a willing heart and mind. My motto is "we all must start somewhere."​​​One day, I heard about the Zumba classes that Precious McCloud was teaching and started to attend them. Shortly after, Precious introduced Praize Kraze. "I was so overwhelmed at how God used Precious and how God showed up. Praize Kraze. The presence of God was so heavy that it was indescribable.


We cried together, we praised God together and we came together on one accord. When I left her class, I knew that I'd found my call and it was to help others get not only their body in shape but to help them get a total makeover with the Holy Spirit-mind, body, soul and spirit. It's a total transformation that when others see you they see you in the image of God. ​​What I love about Praize Kraze is that you can be you; it's not about anyone else but your own personal relationship with God. No one is looking at your or judging you because they are seeking the exact same thing that you are and that is their own personal intimate relationship with God..

Dee McPhaul

I am a resident of Greensboro, NC.  I attended the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, maintaining a major of Social Work and a minor in Human Development and Family Studies.  I am the Site Supervisor and Behavior Counseloer for at-risk youth.


I dedicate much of my time to the work of the Lord by working closely in the ministry at my church.  There, I am a member of the Ministerial Staff, Praise and Worship Team, Sanctuary Choir and the Womens' Department President.


I have struggled with weight since my senior year of college.  I turned to food for comfort when dealing with broken relationships, disappointments and self-esteem issues.  I made numerous attempts to lose the weight but was never really motivated.  My very close friend invited me to Praize Kraze numerous times and one day I finally decided to go.  It was one of the best decisions I ever made!  I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to become an instructor and share this wonderful experience with the world!  It truly changed my life!  Since being introduced to Praize Kraze, I feel happier, healthier and so much more alive!  I have talked about my Praize Kraze experience so much, another close friend told me the feeling that I have is contagious and she is ready for Praize Kraze!  All I can say is, "To God be the Glory!!!"

Chandra Cherry

I embarked on this journey of living a healthy lifestyle out of a need to find balance in my life while I lived in Dallas, TX.  I was completely overwhelmed with work. I would work 16 hour days and still had to be a mother, wife, and all other activities that I and my kids were in.  I did not sleep or eat well. I was sick often and I was fighting depression.  I depended on energy drinks and I had panic attacks often. Everything in my life was out of control.


After a bad episode where my limbs went numb and my hearing was going, I made my way to a friend’s house who stayed nearby.  She took me straight to the ER.  Praise God it was not a stroke but a reaction to artificial sweeteners in the energy drinks I was drinking everyday twice a day!


It was then I made many changes in my life to lower my stress level so that I can be the powerful woman of God He designed me to be. I also needed to be a better mom, wife etc. I hired a fitness trainer and learned how to eat right. I fasted and prayed for wisdom on what to do. I started eating better and feeling better in a matter of weeks! Then I left my stressful life in Dallas in November 2007 and moved here to Greensboro to work a less stressful job and where I am blissfully married to Donevan K. Cherry and I have a 12 year old son Robert who is home schooled.



I have a purposeful passion to help people grow beyond limitations they often see in themselves although we serve a God without limitations.  My passion is to see people whole in body and soul so that they can be much more powerful in the Kingdom of God. Its hard to be powerful if our bodies are pitiful! I thank God for Praize Kraze because you can’t come to a class and leave powerless!

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Loury Floyd

I began the journey of health and wellness in 2012. After I made everything else in my life a priority, a visit to my physician left me facing the reality that my health was in danger.  I desperately, needed a healthy lifestyle and balance. I was struggling to be a wife, mother, professor, community volunteer, and engage in other activities that my children were a part of. I suffered from chronic migraines and depression. Caring for elderly parents while juggling all of this was extremely difficult.


I began walking in my neighborhood, and later participated in a free running clinic leading to me completing my first 5K. Since then I've gone on to complete other 5Ks, 10Ks and a half-marathon.  I also took advantage of nutrition classes offered by my employer. I slowly began to see that I needed to put myself on my own 'to do' list. Once I took the time to take care of my temple, I could truly be the powerful woman of God He designed me to be.


I have a desire to empower others to make changes toward reaching their goals (physical and spiritual). The Holy Spirit will meet you in Praize Kraae and the individual encounter you experience will be unlike any other. I am very excited about moving forward with sound commitment to my faith, family, and fitness. 

Brittany Ward

Hi! My name is Brittany Ward, and I currently live in Winston Salem, NC, with my lovely husband, Mike.  I am absolutely thrilled to be a newly licensed Praize Kraze instructor.  Anyone who knows me well knows that I LOVE to dance!  Even more than that, I love the Lord, and my desire is to glorify Him in every aspect of my life.  Prior to becoming a licensed Praize Kraze instructor, I attended traditional dance fitness classes frequently and enjoyed the strenuous workouts, but I sometimes left feeling unfulfilled.  I thought to myself, "I want to be able to get a good workout and worship at the same time."  One day as I was searching for workout classes online, I stumbled across the Praize Kraze website, and was elated to see that this fitness program was exactly what I had been looking for.  I had the opportunity to meet Precious shortly after discovering PK, and knew that I wanted to become a Praize Leader.  Becoming a dance instructor is something that I had secretly dreamed of doing for quite a while, but I lacked the confidence to do so.  However, I believe that God orchestrated everything perfectly according to His impeccable timing, because if I had pursued my dream sooner, I probably would have settled for teaching traditional dance fitness classes.  One of the beautiful things that I love about being a Praize Leader is that the success of the classes is not based on my ability, how good my dance moves are, or even how many people attend each class.  Praize Kraze is about uplifting God, inviting the Holy Spirit to flow freely throughout each class, and glorifying God in our bodies.  I consider it an honor to be a part of this wonderful ministry.  I am very excited to start on this new journey as a Praize Leader.  God bless you all! 



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Jenny Hicks 

My name is Jenny Hicks, I reside in Thomasville, NC with my wonderful husband and little girl, Mae Lee. I was a cosmetologist and worked full time in a day spa in High Point until God blessed us with our little miracle and then I couldn’t leave her! I began praying about what God wanted me to do in life and what I could do and still stay home with my little girl. God directed me to Asheboro where I had taught dance for several years and I felt likeI needed to take the “normal” out of dance and put JESUS in the center of these children’s lives. So I took on something only God could give me the courage to do and provide for us finically and we opened our dance ministry in August 2013. MLH Studio of Production Arts was just the beginning of the new journey God was leading me to, next God introduced me to Praize Kraze and I will NEVER be the same! I not only let the love of Jesus Christ shine through me and into children but thanks to Praize Kraze now into adults as well. I am so excited to be a part of this AMAZING ministry and can’t wait to see where God takes it!

Stephanie Evans

This 50+ year old is on FIRE for the Lord!  Her heart's desire is to help women find peace within and for themselves through a strong relationship with God.  Praize Kraze is one tool she uses to meet this goal!

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