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What is Praize Kraze's mission?

Our mission is to CELEBRATE CHRIST and to be a unifying agent of age, race, fitness levels, denominations and culture!  ​


I have no prior fitness experience.  Can I be licensed?

ABSOLUTELY!  No prior fitness experience is necessary to be a Praize Kraze instructor!  Praize Kraze is not about anything that has to do with the world's view of what makes one "qualified".  We believe if God calls you, no other qualifications are necessary.  Our instructors have a desire to make a kingdom difference and positively impact the lives of others.  Let's face it, there are many group fitness classes that tout a sexy body, bigger muscles and toned abs, right?  There aren't any that seek to edify and uplift one's eternal soul..until now, that is!  Praize Kraze is the real deal. Our participants and licensed instructors are gifted with soul treasures that are felt long after the music ends and everyone returns home.  Many of our current instructors share feedback of how their faith and personal ministries have been strengthened by utilizing their gifts for God.  ​



Is there an age minimum or maximum?

NO!  Praize Kraze is perfect for the entire family or congregation!  Our participants range in age from 2 to 82!  The movements are safe, effective and highly appropriate for all ages.  Caloric burn increases based on the intensity you bring to the workout!  We must warn you, though...there is something about the name "Jesus" that takes things to another level.  By the end of the workout, your sweat-drenched clothing will tell the story!     ​


I'd like to bring Praize Kraze to my church, but I don't want to teach it.

No problem!  We have received many requests from congregations who want Praize Kraze.  Since we are a growing ministry, we may not already have a licensed instructor in your area.  If that is the case, the next best option is to see if there is anyone in your congregation or community with a heart for worship and fitness and connect them to us.  Remote training is available and depending on the location and number of potential instructors, we can travel to you!  


We are a facility (recreation center, YMCA, gym, etc.). How can we get Praize Kraze for our members who desire a faith-based fitness option?

It's easy!! Please visit the Contact Us page and provide your contact information!  We will reach out to understand your needs and get you started!!!  Praize Kraze is a wonderful supplement to the classes you already offer!  Those who desire a faith-based fitness option will be happy to hear of your decision! 


Is there a fee for the instructor licensing class?

Yes, there is a fee for the instructor licensing class.  Click the "Become An Instructor" page to get started and receive additional information!  Please note: You must complete the initial inquiry and provide the information requested.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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