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Catch The Kraze - - It's Testimony Time!!

"Praize Kraze has really inspired me to make some life changes!

During the class I truly felt the presence of the Holy Spirit. It was so rewarding to be surrounded by a host of peple that were all there for one purpose - to praise God through dance. The musical selection could not have been more perfect and uplifting. Hands in the air giving God the ultimate praise while stretching all the muscles in our bodies. Becoming physically fit is truly one of God's desires for our lives and Praize Kraze will take you there. Precious' spirit and vigor guide you through this wonderful experience with supreme excitement! Before you know it, you have experienced a wholeness regardless of your individual physical level. I left feeling inspired to continue this very rewarding journey! Since my first class I have lost 9 pounds and give the glory to God. Thank the Lord for charging Precious with this glorious task and for giving her the ability to share it with others so freely! God bless Praize Kraze! Your live will forever be changed!"

Angela Martin Copeland

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