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Catch The Kraze - - It's Testimony Time!!

"I had enjoyed Zumba off and on for a couple of years and had benefited from the workout that I got from it. I had been away from it for a while due to my work hours, but a couple of months ago I noticed a Facebook posting on Gina Napolitano's page inviting new members to her Praize Kraze classes. At first I was a little skeptical about it; not knowing how it was acceptable in the church. After my first visit I was hooked. The exercise to Christian music is inspiring, invigorating and so good for my soul.

I highly recommend Gina and her resourceful step of bringing Christian music to dance exercise. Her personal achievements are radiant and eminent confidence. I also want to thank the local churches that have opened their doors and allowed us the opportunity to worship in dance to nourish our bodies to health. I am blessed and am having success in a healthy lifestyle through her Praize Kraze classes.

I recommend anyone to join us. Gina caters to all levels through her personal genuine interest in the challenges of each of her students; she makes everyone welcome and feel welcomed".

Maria A.

Plant City, FL

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