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Catch The Kraze - - It's Testimony Time!!

"Like David, the worshipper of worshippers and, according to the Word of God, a man after God's OWN heart.......I love, Love LOVE to give God UNFETTERED, UNHINDERED, UNINHIBITED PRAISE!!! God's Word tells us to offer our bodies as LIVING sacrifices to Him - - LIVING. . . ALIVE . . . FULL of LIFE! Well, THAT is the embodiment of Praize Kraze!

We may not have danced OUT of our clothes, as David did, but we came pretty darn CLOSE! What's SO great about Praize Kraze is that it goes beyond the sweat I produced, beyond the calories I'm bound to lose, and beyond the muscles I PRAY are being toned back into shape. It was also about being surrounded by hundreds of men and women of different races and persuasion who were joined together in CRAZY PRAISE. God's Word says that where 2 or 3 are gathered together in HIS name...HE is in our midst. Of the hundreds gathered, there was bound to be a few who do not yet know Christ for themselves. There was bound to be those who love God with all their hearts, yet up until now, have not experienced the FREEDOM of total praise. There was bound to be those who had forgotten the JOY and LIBERTY that comes from just opening up and releasing their ENTIRE self to praise . . . and got to feel that again! There was bound to be those who just came to DANCE!! But God said...where there are just TWO or THREE...I am there TOO!! So they left with a taste of life in Christ Jesus and all it's precious benefits to come.

So what do I say about this opportunity to share a DIFFERENT kind of Praise and Worship...full of JOY and EXCITEMENT...with both believers, non-believers, AND those on the fence? What do I say about the chance to SHOW the world that the ZOE life of God my Assistant Pastor is CURRENTLY teaching on can be accompanied by and expressed through open praise, worship, dance, and SWEAT!?!?!?!? PRICELESS!!! PRAIZE KRAZE is a MUST do! I'm anxiously anticipating the next session!!"

Felecia Green Crenshaw Fitts

Kernersville, NC

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